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It's a beautiful morning

  I have a beautiful new granddaughter!  Alexandria and the baby are doing good!  I got to visit with them on Sunday and it was amazing.  I did cry a little thinking how David would adore our new granddaughter, and I told Peyton about her grandpa!   I took my nieces and nephews to the lake yesterday which was a big deal for me!  It was the first time I drove out of town with kids in my vehicle in years!  Multiple Sclerosis has taken so much from me and slowly I am getting it back.  We had a great time too.  I stopped to get them slushies (thank you Jeffrey)  and Austin took them for boat rides.  I got to see Kai, Ellie and Elijah play while I held my new grandson Kane.  Austin cooked for over 30 people.  I was super excited to see Lisa and George too!   Saturday I had a beautiful breakfast date with my friend Shaun and after work today I will head back home to see my friends in Wartburg.  I sure miss Jerry, Jan, and David.  I know Hannah is missing them too.   I love you guys  Have a b