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Hallows' Eve

It has been two weeks since I wrote, and my life has changed so much.  On October 20, 2020, I moved in with my high school sweetheart and his mom.  They live in a camper on the White/Dekalb County line.  The insurance company paid off my camper and gave me $1,900.00, so I bought Alexandria’s extra car and moved all my possessions to a climate-controlled storage.  It was time for me to go out in the world on my own because being in that bedroom alone brought about depression and, ultimately, suicidal thoughts.  Moving out and being around laughter has helped me so much.  My living conditions are not ideal for disabled persons but overall, my mental health is 100% better.  Alexandria picked me up on October 26, 2020, and I got to spend some time with the boys while she went to the doctor.  Austin is still in coronavirus quarantine, but he is doing much better.  Ashley called me a whore and blocked me on everything.  I really never know how to respond to Ashley when she says such horrible

Memory of David Milligan

QUALITY PRIVATE DUTY CARE of Jamestown, Tennessee neglected a patient who had COVID-19 and did not inform staff and did not provide PPE for the home. They ignored all alerts. My daughter unknowingly brought the virus home, and it killed my husband. My three-month-old grandson was also admitted into Children’s hospital. They do not take care of patients or staff. They have been rude to our family and refused to help with funeral expenses on 10-14-2020. Our family had avoided Coronavirus for nine months. We cleaned everything, wore a mask, and stayed at home. We sprayed alcohol on everything. Grocery pickup and Amazon was the only shopping we did for months. My husband and I lived with my daughter and her two sons. September 7, 2020, my daughter started working for Quality Private Care. She alerted her supervisor that her patient was sick. They ignored the alert. September 11, 2020 my daughter became sick and went to the Emergency Room. She tested positive for COVID-19 and st