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Christopher Edward Haddox

  This is a warning to all women. Do background checks on these men before you even give out your number!   This man is not who he says he is so use caution when dating on Facebook Dating!  Christopher Edward Haddox went to prison in Tennessee for theft in 2006.  He was recently let go from his job at Harley Davidson.  From what I can tell he is homeless and staying in hotels.  He travels to North Carolina once a month to fill his Xanax prescription.  He is also on of Buprenorphine / Naloxone Brand name: Suboxone.  He must have been a pill Addict at one point.  He was not in the Marines like he claimed to be either!. He  has one child in Canada.  He has a Suspended License too.  I don’t know what his end game was or why he was going to marry me.  It is weird for sure.  He lied about everything.  His criminal history dates back to the ’90s.  


  It has been a busy month.  Can you believe Kane is one now?  Time seems to fly by these days.  I finally did some self-care (hair, nails & toes) the I ordered myself a new tshirt for Summer.  It is a Yale bulldogs shirt with  a little bulldog:) #gilmoregirls  I think maybe when it comes to dating I am burned out.  The mindless conversation only to realize you’re not compatible is a waste of time.  It chips away at my tolerance.   Well, I’m off to bed dear readers.  I hope you have a blessed Easter!   Much Love, Tina Louise