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My dearest friend

 My dear friend and neighbor is in the hospital.  I am requesting prayers from my readers this week.  Jann is wonderful person!  My neighbor Jerry helps so much around here and he was excited to see his beautiful friend yesterday.  It's the little things that make me happy so seeing my friends smile made my day. Update on my health:  I have awful pain in my right jaw from the TMJ and left hip from the Osteoporosis.  I am managing the Multiple Sclerosis the best I can.  I still have numbness in the feet and pain in my spine.  If I do too much in a day I pay for it and have to spend a few days in bed.  My right knee still gets stuck when getting out of the car.  I am still taking the Copaxone for my MS.  I have had a few breakouts from the Hidradenitis Suppurativa on my bottom but they are healing up nicely.  I am still on the Cosentyx for the HS.  I started Ozempic for weight loss this week and it is working.  The nausea is aggravating but I don’t get hungry like I used to anymore.