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Moving On

        I am 100% moved away from anyone I have ever known.  My new peace and sanity with beautiful mountain views come with minimal internet service, but I am happy!  Hannah and I are settling in a while exploring the town.  The song “Moving On” by Rascal Flatts fits me perfectly right now.  Everything I owned in storage and from my daughters and sisters arrived yesterday.   I can no longer be falsely accused of anything.  I am completely disconnected from Ashley and the craziness.  Brian got what he wanted, so maybe now I will have a life free of emotional abuse.  This is the last time I will even speak their names in my blog!  I do pray they start taking responsibility for their actions and keep my name out of their mouth!   On to happy news!  I love my apartment!  Hannah is doing great!  Christopher is fantastic, and our relationship is more vital than I could have ever imagined!  Alexandria and Austin are superstar parents, and my sister is settling into her new house!  My momma i


  I went to court, and the judge awarded Ashley the Order of Protection.  He also informed her that she has no control over what I post on social media especially pictures of my grandchildren.  She might hate me and desire to be cruel to me, but she can not take away the fact I am her mother, and I am Grandma!  She can't Erase the past eleven years.  I have been a grandma since 2010 when Brayden was born.  She can't erase all the diapers I have changed, bottles I fed, hugs and kisses I gave, or the love in my heart!  She can't win the love from her biological father by doing his dirty work! Tuesday morning was terrible, but my son took me to lunch and offered me a part-time job. I was beaming with joy! I worked yesterday, and it was as though I never left.  The intense pressure from my dad was absent, and I had zero anxiety!  I got a call from Adult Services because someone made a report on my daughters.  Now I gave a caseworker who is getting me into an apartment.  I wil

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

We call Multiple Sclerosis a snowflake disease because the symptoms constantly change.  It has no cure, and no one can explain the why of the disease.   I remember the day like it was yesterday.  On January 11, 2017, Dr. Gaw, after many tests, told me I had Multiple Sclerosis.  If I sound like a broken record, many people are just now getting diagnosed today, and I want them to know that they are not alone.   You might have someone in your life sitting in a quiet doctor's office waiting on test results.  They are going to need you now more than ever.  Navigating a disease that is so unpredictable can take its toll on a person.  They need all the love and support that you can muster.   Much Love, Tina Louise

Life is Good

  Good is an understatement!  I am on cloud nine and enjoying every single minute!  Christopher and I celebrated Charlie and Jackson's birthday, indulged in ice cream, camped in the backyard, and got our first shots of the new vaccine!  I got to spend the day with Kai and visit with Jerimiah too!  He is getting so big now.  Ashley Land had another beautiful baby girl, and I got to hold her at the party.  Kids grow up so fast :( I have almost finished my screenplay for Cabin 10, and soon I will publish my second book.  I am back focusing on my work when my health allows. This week's big news is that I sat down with detective Duke and now every aspect of abuse from my childhood was reported to the police.  All the criminal activity I saw as a teenager is officially in a police report.  I feel 100% better knowing I am closing that chapter of my life!   I am looking forward to the future, trying to ignore the negative!  What negative, you might ask?  Well, Ashley is back at her old


I can't believe David has been gone 148 today.  I also can't think I've been so busy that I haven't blogged in 40 days.   The big news is I decided to go to the police in Sparta.  It might not lead to charges, but I will finally close that chapter of my life.  I have already been in contact with them, so I pray everything goes smoothly.  I recently moved in with my sister to get some peace in my life.  I am taking it one day at a time and even one hour at a time on bad days.  God put me back in touch with everyone who ever knew me.  If the police do prosecute my step-uncle or dad, I have more than enough witnesses to verify my story.  I am ready to speak to the masses and help those who live in fear.   Life is good and I am so thankful that I was able to survive the last 43 years.  Watching my grandchildren is the ultimate blessing.   Much Love, Tina Louise Kirby