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Assholes 101

The loving boy I once met at the skating rink is now a cold disrespectful man.  I seem to keep running into men who have no idea how to treat a woman.  Last night I was called ignorant because I agree with some of President Trump's politics then the guy broke up with me because we are too different.  When I asked why he didn't say something before well he brought up my disability.  He said he knew my health could get worse and he couldn't bear to watch me get sicker.  I do pray he never gets sick...karma is a bitch for shallow people.   Thank God for my loving Sister who lives down the road so I had a haven just minutes after the ordeal.  I blocked him on everything as I pulled out of his apartment complex.  I was warned about dating Dax Bush, but I thought I knew him.....Now I see he is a cold-hearted asshole who uses women to get what he wants then he tosses them away with lame excuses!   Well guys I am off to spend time with the family! Love you bunches Tina 

Hello May 2022

Wow so much has happened just in the last two weeks. My insurance disenrolled me from Choices so I no longer have a caregiver.  I am free to come and go as I please now.  I just spent a week visiting my new grandson and my sister!  I even got to visit with my momma.  Currently, I am at the beginning of an MS crash so I am resting at my boyfriend's house in Cookeville.  Yes, I said I have a boyfriend.  I will tell you more about him later, but for now, I am enjoying the privacy.  Alexandria is due with baby Peyton soon so I will be busy for six weeks at her house. I'm still grieving for David but I think I see the future with a more positive outlook.  I am not as angry as I used to be, nor is the depression as dark.  I have to run! Talk to you guys later  Love you all  Tina