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Mental Health is Important

Good Morning readers.  I will be busy this week helping my daughter with college tasks.  I promise I am almost finished with my next book.  I know I was going to have it completed by December and then May, but life keeps getting in the way.  Living with disabilities is like riding a rollercoaster every day.  I continue to talk to people via social media while I am lying in bed.  Lately, I even find it hard to keep up with my blog.  When I work on the book, it requires that I get up and lately that that been almost impossible. Yesterday I had my mental health appointment, and it went very well.  My doctor seemed pleased that I stood up for myself with Ashley instead of turning it inward, leading to more depression.  I love all of my children, but I am going to keep a safe distance from the drama right now.  Imagine me sitting in a room being yelled at and reminded of all my mistakes in my life.  That is what Ashley does to me.  I know I am not perfect, but I own my mistakes!  I do not

One Hour A Week

I am asking all Americans to pick one item below and dedicate one hour a week to helping in your community.  One hour can change someone's life. 1. Advocate to change laws, rules or policies within your workplace to better the community 2. Homelessness especially children & veterans 3. Poverty- provide information for services 4. Hunger - Cook a meal for homeless 5. Transportation to the doctor, grocery, pharmacy, work, or church. 6. Employment- Share Opportunities with the community 7. Troubled Youth- Mentor Youth 8. Accompany a domestic violence or abuse victim to a court hearing 9. Be a listener to someone who is struggling with Mental Illness 10. Transportation to Addiction Recovery Groups Always remember if you see something, please say something. Many times word of mouth in a community can get those in need some assistance.  I think of we all listen less to the news and pay attention to our immediate surroundings; then, we can genuinely help one another.

Eight Days

Wow, it's been a crazy eight days here on the Mountain. I have been in bed sick for the majority of it. This past Friday, I had the MRI on my knee and X-rays on my hip. Hopefully, those test results will be back tomorrow. I have tried to avoid the outside world and keep to my little bubble at home, but the news gets worse every day. This morning I heard of more murders last night.  I just don't understand all the hostility. Saturday, Austin and Lauren came to visit, and they got David a new grill for Father's Day! We all sat outside and grilled hamburgers. They brought Kai and man has he grown! He is so loving and follows Jackson around like his best buddy. Kai looks like the perfect football all player when he runs. He was so excited to see the baby too. Tyler even came to visit, so we had dinner as a family. I hear from Jessica and CJ almost every day via Snapchat. I sure hope we get to visit soon and meet Chloe! Jeremiah is growing like a weed, and Jackson talks

A day alone

I awakened today to a silent house.  Alexandria was visiting Tyler's family with the new baby, and David was in Cookeville, helping our son for the day.  His hand is out of commission, so having his dad to help give him time to rest. No one came to visit, not one phone call or even a message today.  So, it felt like a mini-vacation.  I don’t have much energy, so I did right to make it back forth to the restroom. I swear at one point my dog rolled her eyes at me as I cursed the Lasix the kidney doctor put me on.  I have grown to hate the bathroom.  Sometimes when I tell my grandson that I will be right back that I am going to the restroom, he says, “again.”   (haha haha). Laughter is excellent medicine, and lately, that is all I have, or else I will curl up and cry. Enough about my bathroom habits... Have you watched the news?  It is insane that the people are becoming the monsters they claim to hate.  It is so confusing and contradictory to what the movement claims are their

Cabin Fever

Wednesday, Austin called, and he had a horrible work accident.  A bolt went through his hand.  It looked awful.  David went and sat with him at the hospital while I sat with Jackson.  It was super scary, and the hospital was packed, so they waited for five hours.  Finally, they stitched his hand.  He got seven stitches.  I don’t care how old the kids get, when a call comes in that they are hurt, a momma prays and worries until they see their child is ok. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he ordered an MRI of my left knee and hip.  The pain has gotten so bad my quality of life consists of lying in bed.  I don't even have it in me to sit outside.  On top of that, I have a UTI.  The majority of urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. Coli), usually found in the digestive system.  However, mine is caused by urinary retention due to Multiple Sclerosis.  My bladder does not empty all the way, and it makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria

So Confused

Today was like any other day, but I got a text from Janna that she is coming to get me Sunday to visit Ellie and Elijah.  Of course, I want to go, but I am confused.  Why do I have to go to my sisters to visit my grandchildren?  Why wasn’t David invited?  So many questions that I usually wouldn’t ask, but the more I grow, the less I tolerate irrational behavior in my life.  I don’t know why she has kept my grandchildren away from me for almost six months.  I don’t know why she told me in an email that I would never see them again.  Should I ignore it all and just enjoy a visit with my grandchildren?  I probably will because I miss them so much, but it is very confusing to me that she told my sister “baby steps” today.  I have never hurt my grandchildren, and anytime she attempts to argue, I walk away or leave the situation, so my grandchildren don’t have to see folks fight. Maybe one day I will understand what’s going on with my daughter, but for now, I am giving it to God.  He knows

Back to everyday life

Homelife is back to normal, except we now have a new family member!  Jeremiah has brought even more love into our hearts. Yesterday we went to Cookeville and visited grandma Jody, and Lauren brought Kai by to visit too.  Then we went to my sisters to play with my kitten for a little while.  After we got home, Trenton brought Lincoln over to play with Jackson.  It was nice visiting with an old friend and seeing how the once hyper young boy turned into a responsible adult.  I must say that out of all the guys Alexandria has dated over the years, Trenton is by far the best dad.  You can often tell by watching the kids play together if their parents interact with them at home. Today Janna came up and brought her kids to play with Jackson.  I went straight from the bed to my chair outside when I got up.   I knew if I stayed in bed that I would never get up.  It is a good thing that I did because I got a fresh watermelon for breakfast!  Alexandria is starting to feel better, and the babi

Bouncing Baby Boy

I haven't blogged much this week because I have a beautiful new grandson!  I am working on writing his mom's birth story as we had a tough week.  However, for now, we are all back home safe and sound enjoying every minute with Jeremiah. Born 5/26/2020, at 8:16 pm, Weight 6lbs 12 ounces, Height 20 inches, Head Circumference 14 inches.  Perfect and Beautiful!