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Highs & Lows

Coronavirus has kicked my butt!  My grandson was in the children’s hospital for two days, and now he is back home.  He tested positive for coronavirus, so we have slept much more than expected.  David still has a cough, but he got secondary pneumonia on top of all his other health problems.  Life at home isn't back to normal, but our quarantine is over tomorrow, so I pray we get out of the house some next week.  My favorite season is here, and the weather has been much cooler.  I pray I get to work again in the future, but right now, watching my grandsons use my spoons up every day.   I did hear through the grapevine that my dad and stepmom have been having dinner with Ashely.  I was also told Ashley spent father's day with her biological father.   I was pleased to get this news because it means everyone has gone on with their lives, and they are letting me live mine.  Months ago, I told you once everyone had their job outside of the music stores, I felt profound relief. I am

It finally found me

What might you ask?  The evil coronavirus!  Yes, I have now tested positive!   I became very sick on August 18th, but all the tests came back negative.  Over the past few weeks, I have been a roller coaster of good days and bad days.  Then on September 7th, my daughter started working on home health with a new patient.  She told her boss that her patient showed signs of coronavirus, but they said it was just an ear infection.  On September 10, my daughter got sick, so she went to the ER.  On September 11, she got the call that her test was positive.  So she quarantined herself in her bedroom.  On September 12, David took out a three-month-old grandson to get tested for coronavirus.  Jax was already with his dad for his weekend visitation.  David and I quarantined ourselves in the bedroom with our three-month-old grandson.  All seemed to be going well, and then I started getting sick.  On September 16, David and I went to Dr. Burks to get tested for coronavirus.  Our little grandson'

#standwithsophie #saveourchildren

Hello friends!   I can’t believe it’s been 16 days since I wrote.  I have been following #standwithsophie and #saveourchildren.  If you thought that #metoo opened the flood gates, just wait because Sophie Long broke the dam wide open!  She is the most courageous child filled with such strength.  Her father, Michael Long, posted a video of her standing up to her grandmother about how her mother had watched men sexually assault her.  She was screaming, “why don’t you believe me?.  From there, it has been mind-blowing.  You have corrupt judges, lawyers, and police, but today Michael was awarded custody of his children until the November court date.  Do you know what surprised me the most about this situation?  The mainstream media did not pick up the story.  However, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram were flooded with videos and posts showing support for Sophie.  There is a GoFundMe to cover Michael’s legal fees.  I have seen the world, yes the world rally around Sophie an