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Today was one of the hardest as I went to see someone to get some closure from the deep wounds they inflicted.  I now have the conclusion for my second book, and it is going to be more truthful than anything I ever wrote.  I have photos, chat conversations, etc., that I am going to insert so my readers can feel like they are right beside me on my journey.  I am slowing down on blogs & social media until I finish.  We are on quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus, so now is the perfect time to finish book 2. I am available via email, as always, if you need a listening ear. Much Love Tina Louise

Q & A

I have gotten many questions over the years about my disabilities.  I wrote about them in my autobiography, but I think it’s time to do a recap. My mother said I was sick many times as a child.  I endured years of child abuse and rape; it wasn't until my pregnancy with Ashley at age 17 that Hidradenitis Suppurativa would show it’s ugly head.  By age 24, I had three beautiful children and  Cervical Cancer , so I underwent a Radical Hysterectomy .  My health problems seem to unravel from that moment forward, and they haven't taken a break.  Not even for one year.  I am 42 years old, and I must take injections and pills just to get an ounce of relief from the pain.  There are days I want to die, but I look at my grandchildren and give it a good faith attempt at this thing we call life. For more information on childhood trauma, please visit the following website. CHILDHOOD TRAUMA  My body is a cemetery of scars, and I get asked if I am contagious and why do I take antibioti

Daily Chatter

People are bickering over the Coronavirus, Wallstreet, President Trump, and the next election.  I spent the day at home, getting used to my new medicine.  Yesterday I got a surprise visit from my new Mental Health case manager, and that went rather well.  Then the new Dermatologist from Vanderbilt called in 90 days of two antibiotics to treat the Hidradenitis Suppurativa (Clindamycin and Rifampicin).  So on top of the new diuretic, I now have two new potent antibiotics.  A few months ago, the doctor increased my narcotic pain medication and my Zoloft.  I am so sick of pills.  I just want to feel better and feel happy again.  My grandson brings me laughter every day, but the pain hits me when I least expect it.  On the upside, I am losing weight, but I will have ugly extra skin to deal with once this is over.  My insurance refused to pay for Taltz or Cosentyz, so I have no other choice but to try what's available. The outpouring of love and support for the Tennessee tornado victim

Catch up

Hello readers!  Sorry, it has been a few days since I wrote—time to play catch-up. Today is March 9, 2020, and I just got a text from Alexandria of the ultrasound photo taken this morning.  Jeremiah is growing and set to make his grand entrance in June 2020.  I love you all and pray your safe with your family.  Always remember to take time to sit in your favorite chair and reflect on your life.   March 8, 2020, was a beautiful day.  We spent time outside with Jackson, and I downloaded some of my favorite songs from iTunes.  I am so thankful to be alive and to be called Grandma!  I took a break from social media too.  #sittinginmychair  March 7, 2020, I got up and showered so I would be ready when Janna arrived to drive me to Cookeville for Jackson’s birthday party.  We went down Jackson street and turned right on Highway 70.  My heart dropped when I realized just how close the tornado hit to where I lived a few months ago.  Later we went to the birthday party, and