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Super stoked

  My baby girl texted today!!  I get to visit my grandchildren next week!  I am so excited.  I also will be getting my new glasses soon so I can travel more.  The eye visit was awesome and my insurance covered everything.  It’s 80 miles round trip to visit her and 120 miles round trip to see my son, and sister.  I know what you’re thinking and yes they should make the trip because of my health.  However, it does me good to get out of this apartment on my good days.  I keep praying for my good days but they seem to get fever and fever with this whiplash weather here in Tennessee.   Well I will see you guys on Phlokk soon as the app is in pre launch!  Although for now you can see me on TikTok!   Much Love Tina Louise


  It was a beautiful morning here in Morgan County.  I'm not doing so well.  I haven't heard from my daughters in months so I haven't seen my grandchildren.  The whole situation is tearing me apart, but I have to accept it so I don’t do something stupid.  I feel like I died with David sometimes.  I am also fighting Covid for the 4th time.  On the upside, I have food, clothing and shelter.  Richard and I are back together and we are stronger now that we worked through our problems together.  We both lost our spouses during the pandemic so neither one of us are complete anymore, but we have love for one another.  I happen to believe love covers a multitude of sins.  My MS seems to be in remission, and my other health problems come and go.  I did spend two weeks in Cookeville recently at my sisters.  It’s been over a year since anyone came to visit me here.  I am sure there are about ten people getting a laugh from my sorrows, but in time God will win the war.  I pray all is w


  Well, I had a good morning visit from my mom and Aunt Patsy.  It was nice getting hugs and visiting with family who love me!   My afternoon however turned sour.  I had and episode this morning where I bent over to place a towel on the floor.  Something in my backbone hurt as I bent back up.  I had to go sit down instead of taking a shower.  Then my vision blurred.  Immediately after my mom left I called the eye doctor and made an appointment for Monday.    Then, I got a call from Richard.   At this point, I was scared but felt safe.  I told Richard what happened and he immediately went into a doom and gloom rant. After listening to him for 10 minutes I hung up in tears. He said he took care of his late wife and didn't want to be responsible for me. He started talking about if this was to happen hypothetically on a trip, what would I do?  I said, I guess I would ask for a wheelchair because most airports are handicap accessible, and they normally have wheelchairs.  He then went

Surprise Visit

Words can not express the love so felt today when Jackson and Jeremiah ran into say hello with big hugs and smiles!  I will admit I cried when they left.  Those two boys can take away a mountain of sadness!   Overall today was a awesome day.  I took all my vitamins, my injection, and my medicine. Then I ate and took a nice long shower.  I am really coming to love the protein shake every day.   This morning I got to witness my sister be a mom and a teacher as the kids moaned and groaned about homeschooling.  She sure has her hands full but she is doing it none the less!   I pray 2023 is a better year for all of us!  Much Love Tina Louise

Momma T

  Yesterday I got to visit with baby Kane, Lauren and Austin.  It was a very nice visit.  I got to read a few stories to Kane before I headed back to my sisters.  We had chili baked potatoes for dinner and I went to bed early.  Richard upset me again so I just blocked him on everything.  I need a break from his negativity.  I will be in Cookeville for a few weeks.  If you want to have coffee just shoot me a message!   Much Love Tina Louise