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Relationships are so complicated these days.  I have run into men who want to have sex but don’t want to get to know you.  They want to see your body naked but showing them your mind is off-limits.  It is so frustrating.  Some guys have asked me for nudes while others say it makes you a slut.  Those same men freely send unsolicited dick pictures to women they have never met. Ladies my best advice is to stop giving yourself away to these immature boys.  Love yourself enough to be patient and wait.  There are good men in the world who will protect your heart instead of breaking it.  I am having to take my advice here because since the funeral my philosophy changed.  Until you have an event in your life like death I don’t think you think about it.  Time isn’t running out until it does.  So this week I am learning patience.  I pray all is well with you.  Much Love  Tina Louise

It's June Already???

  The weather is beautiful here in Wartburg and my tomatoes are turning red.  As the winds blow a cool breeze off the hills I met someone unexpectedly and I pray my days of dating are over.  I am going to wait a while before I share him with the world because he is one in a million!  He likes me just the way I am.  Do you know how rare that is these days?  My family is doing good and I even got word that my dad is doing good.  I pray for them daily and hope to see them all soon.   Alexandria let me keep the baby so I have now done everything I used to do with David all by myself.  I sure miss him, this Father's Day was another reminder that he is gone.  We all grow differently and I personally always thought I needed someone to survive but I just needed to find myself.  I didn't need a prince charming.  After being completely on my own I eventually found self-reflection works for me.   I also found good doctors who took the time to find out that I wasn't crazy.  I have disa