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Goodness, what is wrong with men in 2020?  I have watched my baby girl dating over the last six months, and I am blown away by the ignorant men in the world.  One thing hasn’t changed “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” is still how men look at relationships.  However, women are just as bad, and their new motto is ”Why to buy the whole bull just for a little sausage”.....*eye roll* yes, I am sickened by society in 2020.  Nothing is sacred anymore, and people treat each other like disposable trash bags.  I am such an old romantic soul that I get made fun of for my views on love and relationships.  My uncle Gary told me a beautiful story about sitting on the couch while dating my aunt.  People had respect for each other back then, and it truly meant something to be in love.  I found love twice in my life, and both men broke my heart, but I still have faith that it is in the cards for me.  However, this time around, I won’t be the one chasing the guy.  I won’t make excuses for guy's lousy behavior, and I won’t tell him how he should court me.  I am not into being your momma!  I am staying in my lane, focusing on myself, so if love ever comes my way again, I will be in a good place to embrace it!

A dear friend Lorie Nelson painted my next book cover.  On good days I write, and the next book will surprise everyone.

Much Love - Tina


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We have to stop meeting like this....

Tonight I talked to myself.  I said,” self, why do you feel the way you do?”  Then I said,” self, we have to stop meeting like this because it's one o'clock in the morning”!  I laughed because regardless of the predicament I find myself in, sometimes I don't understand why I do the things I do. Have you ever had a random thought and wondered, “why did I think about that?.  I try to ignore my random thoughts and feelings, but sometimes they just come out when I least expect it. Example 1 ~ When I forget to take my medication, I feel everything.  The depression, sadness, and pain flood in, and all I can do is cry myself to sleep. Example 2 ~ I was watching season three of Anne with an E tonight, and it hit me.  I was crying and feeling very sad.  I should be happy because it was a beautiful ending. However, my mind was thinking about how they loved each other in their youth and found each other again. Right now, in my life, love songs and anything sappy makes me cry.

Beauty in the chaos

Early voting started Friday, so I went to town and voted in the States Primary.  It was a peaceful drive, and then Friday night, we watched the movie 2012. There are so many theories and conspiracies floating around online that the movie made me think about all of them. My thoughts quickly turn to religion and how none of us know when our lives will end. Humanity has gotten it wrong, so many times, and religious leaders continue to attempt to guess, but even the Bible says no one knows. One thing that I know for sure is the earth is a breathtaking place, and I continue to find small glimpses of its beauty amidst the chaos.  Just yesterday, we went to Fall Creek Falls State Park, and I took a dip in the cold water. Families and children were everywhere, laughing and playing.  You would never think that the USA is in an uproar. I saw no signs of social distancing or a pandemic.  I didn't see any mask.  Men were walking their dogs, and the beautiful smells of wood burning flo

My Reality

TennCare called today and requested a new PAE, and it got me to thinking about my daily needs. On social media, I tend to be very positive and encouraging or funny because I know how depressing being disabled can be, especially during the quarantine. I wonder if people see my social media and get the wrong impression of my reality?  Do they know that I published my autobiography and assume that I make money from book sales?  Do they see the videos I post, and assume that I don’t need help with everyday life? The cold hard truth is I need help every day with everything I do! I have grown used to people assuming things because I am capable of putting on a smile at a moment's notice.  As a trauma survivor, the ability to put on a fake smile becomes apart of your personality.  As a mother who had to fight to keep her daughter, I learned to shut my mouth and obey the system. I want to use this blog to make it clear that I need help with the necessary daily tasks.  I forget to ea